Award Winner : Honorable Mention

Whenever I see paintings of clouds, I wonder if the artist is a fellow dreamer or a romantic. I think too, of the last two lines of Charles Baudelaire’s poem, “The Stranger” Then, what do you love, extraordinary stranger? I love the clouds the clouds that pass up there Up there the wonderful clouds! In Mimi Exon’s Clouds, she paints the light upon ice crystals floating through the sky in a way that captures the wonder of spending many long hours gazing up at the untouchable, ever-changing, brush strokes in the sky. It is a bold act to try to capture their mystery and majesty on canvas.

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Size: 24 x 24"
Paintings - Oil on Canvas

I have always been fascinated with clouds, ever changing and transformimg. The image I created Clouds from, was multiple cloud formations. I thought the composition was more interesting zooming in and cropping the image to have light and dark on opposite corners of the painting.

By Mimi Exon

6447 GiWayDin Trail, Manitowish Waters, WI 54545
[email protected]
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