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Great Lakes Series: Pink Clouds and Perch

Size: 18 x 24"
Paintings - Acrylic
As I painted Pink Clouds and Perch, I journeyed into the expansive nature of the Great Lakes, especially Lake Superior, with the tall, wide, and colorful clouds looming overhead. These acrylic abstracts usually just evolve from few preconceived ideas. I like to think of the painting “painting itself”….  I don’t seem to have much control nor do I really want it.  
Standing back, I pictured the fishing lines extending from the horizon, maybe even from a canoe or boat, trying to entice this unsuspecting perch. The cool blues and greens of the waters made me want to jump right in and swim alongside this marvelous creature.  What fun and such a privilege it is to be an artist, using luscious paint to attempt to capture a piece of God’s creation!  

By Betsy Bultman Spry

PO Box 296, Rhinelander, WI 54501
[email protected]

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