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I kept coming back to Mary Burns’ hand-woven jacquard portrait of Rachel Carson. This photo-realistic fiber tribute, to a marine biologist and conservationist whose work advanced the global environmental movement, stood out from all the entries as one of great craft, energy, and topical relevance. From the gleam in the subject’s eye to the thought of the labor involved, the artwork provoked deep curiosity in me, both about the subject of the piece, a woman I was happy to learn more about, and the maker of the piece, whose commitment to her craft is impressive.

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Rachel Carson

Size: 28 x 31"
Fiber Art - Hand-woven Jacquard Weaving

As a jacquard weaver, I can design uniquely complex, detailed fiber art based on the natural world, historical photos, or my own pastel paintings. From my designs, I create separate weaving structures for each shade, allowing me to “paint” with yarn. I weave these pieces by hand with cotton yarns slightly heavier than sewing thread. This woven portrait of marine biologist, conservationist and author Rachel Carson is part of my Women and Water Exhibit.

By Mary Burns

4245N State Highway 47, Mercer, WI 54547
[email protected]
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