2020 Member Gallery August 1 - December 31

This exciting new Art Gallery is an extension of the 2020 Manito Art League Art Show, and is a
place for members to display their artwork. Members are encouraged to update their offerings as
artwork is sold or newer works become ready to share. Visitors are encouraged to visit often to see what’s new!

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Autumn Chrysanthemum

Tiny Gifts

Tiny Treasures

A Vibrant Beginning

Turtle River Ice Out

Trumpeter at One Man Lake

Great Lakes Series: Pink Clouds and Perch

April Black Bear

Haiwatha Stream

Green Leaf

Mountain Storm

Whitesand Lake Sunset

Ophelia’s Garden

Rhythm of the falling rain

Struck by the Light

Black Lagoon

Always Vigilant

Birch View Up

All artwork displayed in this gallery is the exclusive property of the artist and may not be copied or reproduced in any form.