Award Winner : Honorable Mention

This cyanotype image provides a literal blueprint for ice. Dycus Pennycuff’s photograph shows the lines and geometric shapes formed when temperatures drop. Ice captures the brittle delicacy and awesome power of colorless, transparent, frozen water. When H2O is liquid, it forms the basis of human organisms, and when solid, it becomes Wisconsin’s biggest natural obsession. When will the lakes freeze? Will the storm make the roads glaze over? Can we drive on it? Careful not to slip out your front door. Dycus Pennycuff’s photograph offers a simple tribute to this basic transformation that dominates our psyches for much of the year.

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Size: 8 x 10"
Photography - Cyanotype on Cotton

Thaw has always been an ugly word in my house. The constant shifts in temperature, the ice then slush, it’s a hard time in the Northwoods! This year I challenged myself to find beauty in it. This photograph is of a puddle that had frozen and the shattered on my road.

By Norma Dycus Pennycuff

610 Dyer Park Street, Eagle River, WI 54521
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