Award Winner : Merit Award

I enjoyed all three of Ellen Compere’s works in this year’s show, but ultimately I selected Snowy Owl for the merit award because it weds accessibility to abstraction. The artist filtered what information she chose to show us: a wing, a feather, the owl’s characteristic big round eyes. She painted her abstract owl and its surroundings with a subtle earth-toned palette. That, and a hint of flight motion, is all the relevant information the viewer needs to see the Snowy Owl in this whimsical piece.

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Snowy Owl

Size: 5 x 7"
Paintings - Watercolor
My interest in birding reaches back to childhood. My mother gave me the gift of nature, birds and the great outdoors. Mainly, it didn’t cost anything. However I have a huge love of birding. They say “paint what you know,” and as my adventure with watercolors grows, I am attempting to marry the two.

By Ellen Compere

2952 N. Dinner Lake Road, Watersmeet, MI 49969
[email protected]

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