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Stand Tall

Size: 11 x 14"
Fiber Art - Yarns and Fabric tidbits felted over Recycled Denim.

Remember the mix of hardwoods and birch trees along the lakeshore with the invitation of the lake peeking through the trees. Remember the coziness of your favorite pair of blue jeans. Remember walks along the water’s edge. Remember the sounds of leaves rustling with the breeze. “Stand Tall” is a one-of-a-kind fiber landscape. Yarns, Recycled Denim and Quilting Scraps are altered with a Needle Felting Machine to merge, distress, blend and create new fibers. This altering process results in a landscape depicting a scene of trees along the lakeshore. Mounted on a Birch Bark Panel.

By Polly Sievert

Northwoods: 7707 East Birch Lake Rd, Winchester, WI 54557 Residence: 13664 Armstead Drive, St. Louis, MO 63131
[email protected]
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