Christine Alfery


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Christine Alfery
2127 To To Tom Dr
Lac du Flambeau, WI 54538

by appointment

Phone: (715) 401-9585

E-Mail: [email protected]

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Artist Statement

For the past year, I have been working, studying, and researching “things” allegories, symbols from all things natural, the earth: rocks, dirt, landscapes, birds, critters. The work I have been creating is all about the symbolism many cultures have created about and from natural things to explain and cope with the roller coaster ride of life. I believe that life is a roller coaster ride, not a game. The individuals and ideas that have been emerging from my studio reflect how an individual’s spirit, talent, uniqueness, and mainly the triumph of the human spirit is filled with all things natural. All “things” natural, is what I what I call the yes, yes, yeses of life.
This work “ is basically grounded in our foundations, including the histories from today as well as the histories of the past, histories from my culture and other cultures that have mixed to join the present.